What to Do, What to Do.

All right – if I’m going to make my own job – what’s it going to be?

There’s a cute little “old west” looking strip mall on the highway about a mile from my house.  I know the owner and he had a couple of vacant spaces.   P1000082 P1000084 P1000505 P1000506 P1000512

So that took care of the “where”.

In thinking about the “what” – I knew it would be retail but, although a lot of things crossed my mind, nothing seemed to really click with me.   I couldn’t rely on just the locals or just the tourists – it had to be something that would appeal to both.   Then one day – while at the Farmers Market – I met a local woman who makes goat’s milk lotions and soaps, and a man whose wife makes all kinds of interesting jellies and jams.  I met a man who carves mixing spoons from local wood, a woman selling flavored shelled, as well as in-the-shell, pecans from a regional farm, and a man who writes historical fiction set in the wild west days of Arizona.  That was IT!  Locally MADE, GROWN, and WRITTEN!



  1. The photo with the tree is very nice.

  2. Very Nice! Loves it!

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