Once I decided to specialize in locally made items I had to find them!

My next-door neighbor is pretty famous for her peanut brittle (and truffles, fudge, turtles, etc) – so I started there.  She has her goodies in a number of local stores and was happy to let me be included among them so I was off to a delicious start!

I told friends and acquaintances what I was up to and asked if they – or anyone they knew – made interesting, unique things that I might sell.  I went to local craft shows.  I talked to people.  I went to the Farmers Market.  I talked to people.  I gave out business cards.  I talked to people.  I admired all sorts of handmade items.  And pretty soon people were calling me!  It didn’t take long until I had enough unique, interesting, delicious, and fun items to open up my shop!

I’ve been open almost two years now.  And I continue to look for new and interesting handcrafted things to add to my shop.  I must say I do have some commercially made products and, yes, a few things that are made in China, but my specialty remains locally/regionally grown, handmade, and written products.

Next time I’ll begin highlighting some of the great items I carry.


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